Under Milk Wood, 22-24 and 28-29 June 2023,

Brighton Open Air Theatre - The New Inn, Hurstpierpoint

A community is sleeping. Only we can see them - if you listen closely, you can hear their dreams…

A blind sea captain yearns for his lost love, sailing the oceans of his youth, a landlady is in terror of guests, two passionate shopkeepers relish unrequited lust, the landlord, milkman, postman, fancy woman, layabout, optimistic elderly, blossoming youth and an entire town full of colourful characters are here… The tumble of Dylan Thomas’ characters awake to a crystal spring day, the small Welsh village comes to life in this rich, funny, sentimental glimpse at a lost way of life.

▶︎ "We enjoyed it very much! Congratulations to all involved in this production." - "Watched this last night. It was wonderful! Made me

     laugh, made me cry. Just lovely." - "Was there today. Fab show." - "Go if you can, a great show!" "Wow - what a show! An absolute
     smash hit! Congratulations" - "What a smashing evening" - "Such a joy to watch at BOAT, break a leg for the second run!" -

     "Amazing performance of Under Milk Wood @BOATheatre, and especially magical that our real-life dusk coincided with the script

     as night fell on the village" - "Not to be missed!" - Emails to the Company

▶︎ "This beautifully-blocked procession of a town... This is an exciting production. outdoors and adding a new dimension to our

     experience... beautifully landed... Blazoned with wit. And warmth. Very warmly recommended too."


▶︎ In action: Identity with their class act Under Milk Wood. A completely rapt full house here - Live audience tweet

▶︎ "Under milk wood was great last night! Really enjoyed it. As a big fan of the text I was amazed / you should be very proud -

     great pace too. Congrats and I look forward to seeing more from you folk." - Audience feedback

▶︎ "A canonic piece of literature by an acclaimed author and a poetic “play for words” all about dreams and poetry may seem

     intimidating - but Identity’s company manage to lure everyone in with their command and control of the beautiful language allowed
     it to wash over the entranced audience in a dream like state. The outdoors setting is just magical - as the sun sets in the play,
     so does the actual sun. The 13-strong cast give full bodied and hearty performances, with sad moving moments contrasted with
     uplifting raucous folk singing at the pub; what more could you ask for while sitting outside in glorious weather!"

    - Email to website

Laura Scobie

First Voice

Sam Nixon

3rd Neighbour, Polly Garter, Mrs Pugh

Kane Magee

Mr Mog Edwards, Mr Pugh,

First Drowned, Dickie,
Lord Cut-Glass

James Doyle

Second Voice, Mr Ogmore,
Johnny Cristo

Harry Armstrong

3rd Drowned, Willy Nilly, Ocky Milkman, Mr Beynon,
Billy, Nogood Boyo, Sinbad

Trefor Levins

Captain Cat, Mr Waldo

Suse Crosby

4th Drowned, 1st Neighbour, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard,

Bessie Bighead

Daisy-Grace Elborn

5th Drowned, Gwennie,  Matti Richards, Lily Smalls

Heloise Bliss

Mfyfanwy Price, 3rd Woman

Child, 4th Neighbour,

Mae Rose Cottage,

Charlotte Collingbourne

2nd Neighbour, Mrs Cherry Owen, Mrs Willy Nilly,
Mrs Organ Morgan

Justine Smith

Wife, Mrs Dai Bread Two,
Rosie Probert

Cathy Byrne

Gossamer Beynon,
Mary Ann The Sailors,
2nd Woman, Woman's Voice

Andrew George

2nd Drowned, Mr Pritchard, Cherry Owen, Rev Eli Jenkins, Organ Morgan

Gary Cook

Director / Producer / Designer / Set Build / Sound Design

Nettie Sheridan

Director / Producer /
Stage Manager

Voice of a Guide-Book recorded by Pip Cook / Tom Mordell - All Other Parts Played by the Ensemble

All production photography by Miles Davies