Wuthering Heights, 24-27 July 2019

Brighton Open Air Theatre

A love as wild as the wind, a passion that echoes through the ages... Identity Theatre return to the BOAT with April de Angelis' thrilling adaptation of Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë's passionate and spellbinding tale of forbidden love and revenge.

This classic tale of obsession and wild love is set on the windswept Yorkshire moors, and is the tempestuous story of free-spirited Catherine and dark, brooding Heathcliff. As children running wild and free on the moors, Cathy and Heathcliff are inseparable. As they grow up, their affection deepens into passionate love, but Cathy lets her head rule her heart as she chooses to marry wealthy Edgar Linton.

Heathcliff flees broken-hearted, only to return seeking terrible vengeance on those he holds responsible, with epic and tragic results.

▶︎ "Amazing! Absolutely loved it ... completely enthralled from beginning to end" -  Audience Feedback

▶︎ "It's more vividly mobile than any TV version... this production sails effortlessly into a top recommendation... there mightn't be a finer adaptation at BOAT this year. See it if you can" - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW - Fringe Review

▶︎ "Well done crew and cast - really amazing adaptation" - email to the Company

▶︎ This particular production from Identity Theatre Company boasted a strong and talented cast, with every actor balancing the darkness of the script with its
     moments of sharp and sarcastic humour extremely well ... A dark, memorable, and confident production of Brontë’s novel, brought to the stage by a solid
     cast and tight direction from Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook ... Lois Zoppi, City Girl Review

▶︎ "Amazing performances and a stunning production... Identity go from strength to strength - Audience Feedback

▶︎ "Thoroughly enjoyed Identity Theatre's Wuthering Heights at BOAT. Brilliantly cast, superb but subtle choreography by main characters Cathy and Heathcliff,
     the atmosphere of the moors well set... directors and cast made the most of the unique setting of the venue to add magic to this wonderful tale of love
     and jealousy." - email to the Company

Andy Bell
Mr Lockwood

Kane Magee

Pip Cook

Catherine Earnshaw

Bee Mitchell-Turner

Nelly Dean

Harry Armstrong

Hindley / Hareton Earnshaw

Carly Tennant

Catherine Linton

Kate Stoner

Frances Earnshaw / Mary

Daniel Walford

Edgar Linton  Linton Heathcliff

Heloise Bliss


The Unquiet Grave and
Low Down In The Broom
arranged and sung by:
Helen Toplis
Jo Simpson
Nancy Wesby


Set Build by
Martin Oakley and Andrew Wesby

Andrew Wesby

Joseph / Old Man Linton

Debbie Creissen

Lass / Servant / Ensemble /
Directors Assistant

Dena Lague

Movement Director

Gary Cook


Nettie Sheridan


All production photography by Miles Davies