The Crucible, August 29 - September 1 2018

Brighton Open Air Theatre

Written in the early 1950s, "The Crucible" takes place in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1692 Witch Trials. This was a time when paranoia, hysteria, and deceit gripped the Puritan towns of New England.

Miller captures the events in a gripping story that is now considered a modern classic. He wrote it during the "Red Scare" and used the witch trials as a metaphor for the 'witch hunts' of communists in America.

With the current political situation of "fake news", confusion of ideals and the global rise of nationalism, we felt that there had never been a better time to revisit this incredible piece of theatre

▶︎ "What a fantastic production- huge congratulations to [directors] Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook and all the cast.

     Some stunning and strong performances. A great cut of the play too. This is my favourite version" - Audience Feedback

▶︎ "Compelling and dramatic ... heartfelt ... enthralling ... as appropriate as it was seventy years ago" ★★★★ - Broadway Baby

▶︎ "Not just good but brilliant. We really enjoyed it" - Audience Feedback

▶︎ "This masterpiece of courageous refusal gets a rivetingly fine production ... energy radiates through a superbly lucid, passionately

     argued production" - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW - Fringe Review

▶︎ I made a 200 mile round trip to see this [...] it was worth every inch of the journey. I loved it. Congratulations to all the performers and

     particularly the young members of the company. Thanks for a great show." - Audience Feedback

▶︎ "You know when you watch a great film or read a book and it stays with your long after you finished watching or reading...

     well this performance was just like that. Most excellent it was" - email to the Company

Conor Baum
Rev. Parris

Andy Bell
John Proctor

Graham Hammett

Deputy Governor Danforth

Sarah Jeanpierre


Jonathan Howlett


Bee Michell-Turner

Elizabeth Proctor

Kate Stoner

Rebecca Nurse

Jacqueline Harper

Judge Hathorne / Girl

Rosanna Bini

Abigail Williams

Charley Roberts

Mercy Lewis / Props / SM

Nancy Wesby

Mary Warren

Katie Marshall

Susanna Walcott

Debbie Creissen

Ann Putnam / Martha Corey

Heloise Bliss

Betty Parris

Andrew Wesby

Giles Cory

Kuba Pabiniak


Gary Cook


Nettie Sheridan


All production photography by Miles Davies