Praise for Identity's BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS, 2017


▶︎ ✭✭✭✭ - Brighton Argus

▶︎ "outstandingly performed by an excellent cast" - feedback form


▶︎ "This is by any standards a remarkable production that at BOAT has found its

time and avatar. Sheridan and Cook lead a production that takes

Blue Remembered Hills back to somewhere near its source." - Fringe Review


Praise for Southwick Players' Blue Remembered Hills
(same creative team & 6/7 cast) at The Barn Theatre, 2016:


▶︎ "Absolutely Amazing" - Trevor Jones, Brighton and Hove Arts Council


▶︎ "Outstanding" - Chichester Herald

▶︎ "Sadistic and ferocious ... tremendous pathos" - Brighton Argus


Praise for Identity's THE CRUCIBLE, 2018
"What a fantastic production- huge congratulations to [directors] Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook and all the cast. Some stunning and strong performances. A great cut of the play too. This is my favourite version" - Audience Feedback


▶︎ "Compelling and dramatic ... heartfelt ... enthralling ... as appropriate as it was seventy years ago" ★★★★ - Broadway Baby


▶︎ "Not just good but brilliant. We really enjoyed it" - Audience Feedback


▶︎ "This masterpiece of courageous refusal gets a rivetingly fine production ...

energy radiates through a superbly lucid, passionately argued production"


▶︎ I made a 200 mile round trip to see this [...] it was worth every inch of the journey.

I loved it. Congratulations to all the performers and particularly the young members of the company. Thanks for a great show." - Audience Feedback


▶︎ "You know when you watch a great film or read a book and it stays with your long after you finished watching or reading.. well this performance was just like that. Most excellent it was" - message to the company

Sharing a love of detail-oriented, visceral, collaborative theatre,

Nettie Sheridan and Gary Cook founded Identity in 2016

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